—This blog is dedicated to members of my family, my father, late mother, friends, and lovely fiancé. You guys are the fuel for my success and the inspiration for everything that I do.

Hello all!

My name is Binh, a fourth year pharmacy student currently on APPE (advanced pharmacy practice experience) rotation.  I am still in the process of figuring out how to use this platform; and this is the first time I will be writing to an audience.  As a matter of fact, the idea of blogging itself, is novel to me. Truthfully, I have always considered myself to be a lousy writer (my high school English teachers would agree). But the bottom line is that my intentions for starting this blog are neither for money nor fame.  Through this portal, I wish to reach out to present and future pharmacist students.  Last but not least, this blog will serve as my personal journal, a digital recording of my experiences and personal growth as I progress through my APPE rotations.

By day, I am  hustling and bustling forty hours a week on site, patiently waiting for May 2016 to come around. By night, I keep myself occupied with a startup technology company that a close friend and I founded together.  If there are any time leftover, I juggle between this blog, putting in hours at Costco Pharmacy, or spending it with my family. With this blog, I plan to be as transparent as possible to provide current and future APPE students a window into each of my rotations. I will share my experience, insights, and valuable information as I progress. In addition, efforts will be made to upload materials and discuss topics I deem valuable. For current APPE students, I hope my efforts will aid you in reaching your goals on the homestretch. As for future APPE students, I hope that this blog can offer you a jump-start on your forthcoming journey.

I would love for you to join me in this amazing journey. Like many of you, I am limited to only four core and three elective experimental learning opportunities.  You may very well have access to information, knowledge, and experiences that I do not have access to. I will be more than grateful if you so choose to share. Simply submit under “Contact” or by emailing me at

Please feel free to use and share materials on this blog. Ultimately, I aim to compile a detailed APPE road map for future student pharmacists. I will also occasionally share career-related information, volunteering opportunities, and other related events. If you have  events or particular topic you would like me to share, discuss, or blog about, do not hesitate to contact me. For protection, privacy, and security purposes, all persons and places mentioned in this blog will be replaced with abbreviations and/or initials.




Unless otherwise noted, the owner of this blog is the legal copyright holder of all content on this blog.  Credits will be given where it’s due for individuals who wants to share their contents on this blog. All contents provided on this blog is for informational and educational purposes only, one cannot use it to reprint or publish for financial gains without written consent.  The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or its links.  The owner of this blog is not providing medical or health related advice.  The owner of this blog does not share personal information with third-parties and are not responsible for the privacy practices of ads or blog commenters.


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